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Ayúdanos a mantener a los niños conectados

¡Gracias por visitar Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vermont!

Nuestros hijos necesitan conexiones sociales ahora más que nunca . Ofrecemos programas de mentores escolares y comunitarios que encienden el poder y la promesa de los jóvenes para los niños y jóvenes de 6 a 17 años o más en todo Vermont. ¡Todo lo que se necesita es una hora a la semana para marcar una gran diferencia en la vida de un niño!

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I was matched to my Little Sister, Trinity, over 6 years ago. During this time, we have established many traditions, such as shopping and eating in her favorite restaurants, and experienced many firsts, many of which Trinity asks to revisit.Trying new things with Trinity has made her more adventurous in her own life. Most recently, she pushed  herself to participate in a talent show. She was proud of her performance, but prouder of the opportunity it afforded her to learn more about herself and her capabilities.

People often ask me how I know I am making a difference in Trinity’s life. I know because of what she chooses to talk about with me. I know that she places value in what I have shared with her – my advice. and counsel, my life experiences, and my insights into her life and the issues she confronts daily. I hear my words coming back to me, and they are not just parroted; they are internalized. She is actively using our conversations to make positive life decisions.

Did you know that there are 150 children on the waiting list in Vermont to receive a Big? Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vermont is determined to meet this need, but we need YOUR help to accomplish this mission. Please consider a gift, of any amount, to help others form life-changing relationships like mine with Trinity. Your gift will ensure that Vermont’s youth, like Trinity, will have a mentor to support and encourage them in reaching their full potential.

The greatest gift I have been given is the gift of watching Trinity, over the years, become her own person. I remain humbled by this opportunity and ask that you give what you can to support future matches in Vermont like ours. Although we do put a price on it, it is truly priceless.


With Gratitude –

Elizabeth Bull, Big Sister

PS - Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Many Bigs, like me,   say that the rewards they gain are just as substantial as the ones gained by their Littles. Please consider joining me in mentoring Vermont’s youth by emailing

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Elizabeth & Trinity 2017
Elizabeth & Trinity 2023

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